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Use your LinkedIn profile for more than just networking. With Engage,
we connect and message with targeted prospects on LinkedIn for you, so you can save time and effort.

How it Works

Don’t waste your time talking to bad leads. With simplified targeting through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can make sure that you’ll only connect with people that match your ideal client.

We have a wide range of pre-written, successful messaging campaigns to choose from. Find the one that best fits your business and goals.

We send personalized messages to your target audience, and then categorize the responses based on who is interested in talking to you. Our messages are personal and conversational, to encourage them to strike up a conversation with you.

From there, you can schedule appointments with the targeted leads from LinkedIn and keep the conversation going, in-person or virtually.

We help you save time so you can focus on what you’re good at: closing deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Engage is a LinkedIn leads generation program that uses digital automation, artificial intelligence, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reach out to your target audience, and then automatically starts up a conversation directly with those prospects that are interested in connecting with you.

The messages are delivered through your LinkedIn account and go to your second-degree contacts. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we can target the list even further to make sure we are reaching the right prospects.

The first message that goes out is a request to connect on LinkedIn. If the recipient accepts your request, they could receive up to three more messages automatically. If they don’t respond after the last message, the campaign ends for that person.

If the recipient does not accept your initial request to connect, they will not receive any more messages.

However, if at any time during the campaign the recipient responds to one of the messages, you would reply directly to them and the automation would end.

Yes, we provide the messaging and you can choose from multiple campaigns based on your services, target audience, and licensure.

You should see a 20% to 30% response rate from your messages.

Yes, you can run up to two prospecting campaigns with different messages and targeting, plus nurturing campaigns—all for no extra cost.

Yes, we can nurture your first degree connections on LinkedIn by reaching out to them on a regular basis with customized messages.

Yes, you must have a LinkedIn profile and the more connections you have, the better the program will work for you.

We can refer you to a resource to help you optimize your profile (for an additional fee) or provide information on how to create/update it yourself.

The cost of the program is $150 per month. However, you will also need to sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly with LinkedIn. That cost is $79.99 per month.

You must sign up for an initial three-month period. After that, the campaigns run month-to-month and you may cancel anytime with 30-day’s notice.

No, there’s not a set-up fee.

Yes, you’ll have access to a platform where you can view your campaigns. You’ll be able to monitor all LinkedIn messages scheduled, sent and responded to in your inbox as well as see the analytics to monitor how well your campaign is doing.

You must be contracted with Brokers International, in good standing, and writing business.

You can request a demo of the Engage platform and/or request more information by completing a form on this microsite. From there, you’ll be contacted by our support team to help answer your questions and get your set up!

Low Cost, High Reward

With that you get:

  • Access to our Engage platform
  • Ability to select your target audience
  • Automated LinkedIn messages
  • Qualified leads that are ready to meet with you

What You Can Expect


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